Irina Spiryagin is the owner of the photo album found on a street in West Sacramento.

Kristin Ayers found the photo album scattered on the street while on her way to dinner with a friend Friday night.

"I'm excited. I'm so glad somebody has claimed it because I was worried what to do with it," Ayers said. "I would've never thrown it away."

Spiryagin and Ayers met up Tuesday evening less than a day after our story aired. Spiryagin didn't know the photo album was missing until her friend saw a Facebook post and recognized her mother in the pictures.

Many of the photos are of Spiryagin as a child in Russia.

Spiryagin came to the United States eight years ago with her mother.

"We brought whatever we had," Spiryagin said. "This is the oldest ones, the beginning of their marriage."

There were also photos of her parents while they were dating and their wedding day. However, her parents split up and her father now lives back in St. Petersburg.

"I thought about it what it would mean to me," Spiryagin said. "My mom and father split up. My father left and he's in St. Petersburg. I guess for me those pictures mean the time he spent with me the most."

Spiryagin said she's thankful for Ayers' actions.

She wants to share with her children more about her childhood in Russia, their grandparents, and life decades ago.