Roderick Tyler was closing up and taking out the trash at his business, House of Ice Cream.

His wife, Aminda Sovuth, was there with him working at the shop when her husband was assaulted happened and called 911.

"When he was walking out, we saw two cars one from that direction and the other from that direction speeding fast," Sovuth said. "His whole face wasn't even a face anymore. The jaw was moving to one direction and he was bleeding and he didn't even look like himself."

He was in surgery Friday and the family closed the shop early to be with him.

Stockton Police Department said it doesn't have a description of the group of people and are still investigating what led to the incident.

A Go Fund Me page for the family has raised more than $12,000 in a day.

"It's popular," said Nathan Werth, Stockton resident. "It's successful and the fundraiser is a testament that the city loves this place."

His wife said it's unclear how long he'll have to be in the hospital. Doctors say it could be at least a couple of months before he can go back to work.