It's Amazon Prime Day, which for many is a time of epic deals. But there are always a few scrooges who want to ruin the fun: package thieves.

ABC10 gets surveillance video all the time of package thefts from police and homeowners. Sometimes, the video helps police catch the thief. Many times, these cases go unsolved.

Bret Fair is a package theft victim in Sacramento. His door surveillance camera caught about 15 seconds of the thief, but she was never caught.

He has now since upgraded his home security surveillance system to one that operates 24/7.

That includes the doorbell camera, a few cameras indoor, door sensors, and cameras on every side of the

"I installed an eight camera surveillance system," said Fair. "I also got a Doberman!"

Fair estimates his original door surveillance camera cost about $90. He installed the new upgrades himself, estimated to be around $500.

Was it worth it?

Most definitely for Fair. He hasn't had any incidents since.

"It was actually male golf clothing," laughed Fair about the package theft. "I don't think she [the thief] got use out of it."

The extra secure surveillance system isn't the only thing Fair now has in his house. He has an automated system where you can order an Uber, lock the doors, control the temperature...all from a smartphone!

With all this security, Fair isn't too worried about his packages getting stolen, including a bluetooth sous vide he ordered from Amazon Prime.