Paintballing, the sport that creates an adrenaline rush of working as a team and using tactical strategies to win.

Played out on what looks like a field or rainbows, the paintball community is huge and has a popularity that ranges around the world. It’s so popular in fact that there are leagues for both college and professionals

You heard right, you can win a championship for shooting globs of paint and other people.

Also, believe or not, there are numerous places within the Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto areas where you can gear up and shoot some paint!

Surf Extreme: Mostly known for its indoor surfing and trampoline park, the extreme park in Elk Grove also offers paintball at a pretty reasonable price. For ages 10 and up, you can rent a gun, gear and paintballs for $24! Here, no one has the equipment advantage and you are only allowed to bring your own gear and masks. If you feel you are up to the task, you can even challenge their “elite” staff and go head to head to see who’s the best of them all! SurfXtreme is open Wednesday- Friday.

Capital Edge Paintball: Here in Sacramento, there is a family-operated paintball park that offers all the paintball fun you can handle. Open on weekends from 9 AM- 4PM, the Bain family runs a park that features all sorts of fields ranging from turf, real grass and urban-style parks. You can even rent a gear package for $40 that includes a day pass, gun, mask and hundred paintballs.

American Paintball Park: Down in Livermore lies a six and a half paintball park that features nine fields designed to challenge all levels of paintball expertise. Starting at age 12, you can take on other paintballers in several events that will challenge you to work as a team to find your way to victory! If you are new to the sport here, you can rent some equipment for about $60 that includes a gun and a new mask that you get to keep! Paint though is sold separately and can range from $15-$50.

Davis Paintball: The staff here at this park will help you get all set up to learn the game of paintball. With a rental package at $40, you can receive an all-day pass, 100 paintballs, gun and gear, you can explore nine different fields to challenge yourself. The park even offers summer camps for kids 10-14 if they want to pick up a new sport!

But if you feel you want to do more than just learn the game and want to pick it up as a hobby, it’s important to know this sport can cost you some serious money. After some research, paintball guns alone can run you as high as $2,000! This doesn’t even include a holder for the paintballs or the air cans to fire the paint! Though if you don’t want to take a hit to your wallet, there are some gun options that are about as low as $60 new.

When it comes to gear, that decision is up to you, but experts say that the basic items should average you around $200.

If you are looking for a new rush in life, go forth and try your hand, or trigger finger, on a paintball gun!