Parents of Murdered Children: A Day of Remembrance
Author: Frances Wang
Published: 4:28 PM PDT September 26, 2017
Updated: 4:28 PM PDT September 26, 2017
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Sept. 25 is the National Day of Remembrance for Parents of Murder Victims. Every year, hundreds of parents gather at the State Capitol to share support and mourn the worst day of their lives.

For many parents, there still is no closure.

Robert Placencia Sr. was murdered in 2006, leaving behind a son. His mother said there is still no justice for her son.

Phillip Liberto of Fairfield was murdered in 2015.

"The justice system failed us," said Gina Liberto, his mother. "He saved six lives with seven organs. So he lives on. And he is my true hero."

Eric Reyes was murdered in 2016. His family, too, is waiting for justice.

"He was a 4.0 senior, getting ready to graduate," said Isabelle Reyes, his mother.

Gavin Buchanan was killed when he was only 8 years old. He, his father Adam, and his mother Molly were all shot in their cabin and burned to the ground. His family has since created a foundation in honor of Gavin, providing protective equipment for law enforcement K9s.

"We don’t want them to ever be forgotten," said Susan Slankard, Gavin's grandmother.

"We don't know who or why he was shot and taken from us," said Allen. "He left behind four kids."

Robert and Sergio Murti were brothers, 19 and 15 years old. They were murdered earlier this year.

"I miss them so much," said Angel Murti, their mother. "Both shooters were caught. We're still waiting for trial."

Dion Harris was murdered earlier this year too, shot by someone driving by their family fundraiser. His family is also still waiting for justice.

Bernie Jimenez lost her youngest son Lorenzo.

"He was my baby. We haven't heard anything, what's going on. No kind of information at the moment," said Jimenez. "They took my baby. And I'm living with that."

National Day of Remembrance Day for Murder Victims is on Sept. 25 because that is the day Lisa Hullinger of Cincinatti was murdered in 1978. Her parents Robert and Charlotte started the Parents of Murdered Children organization, a national support group from survivors of murder victims.