Elk Grove Police starts Paws on Patrol program to encourage people to be aware of surroundings.

It's an extension of their neighborhood watch program and about 100 signed up to participate.

One of the officers organizing the program said, one of the main reasons they're starting this is to encourage people to put away their phones and start paying attention to what's going on in their neighborhoods.

"I've always been interested in law enforcement and keeping our neighborhood safe and this was just another opportunity since I'm walking the dogs anyway," said Cheryl Cartwright, resident part of Paws on Patrol.

Cartwright said some of the things she started paying attention to through her training is to check for newspapers piled up on someone's driveway or cars that have been sitting for a long time. 

Elk Grove Police Department started the program to encourage people to put down their phones and start noticing what's going on in their neighborhoods.

They've also had a lot of help from people calling in to solve cases.

"Not long ago we had a resident a glass break, a window break, and didn't know what address he called us out there short story we got four burglars in custody," said Andrew Bornhoeft, Elk Grove Police Department.
Bornhoeft adds that many residents, like dog walkers, know their neighborhoods even better than some beat officers.

Folsom Police Department also just started a similar program called a Dog Walker Watch Program.