One year after Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Wallace was shot while calling for backup as he was following up on a stolen van at Fox Grove Park, people reflected and remembered his life at Hughson Sports and Fitness Complex.

"It's just great to see the support and still feel the love people have for him," said Mercedes Wallace, Dennis Wallace's wife.

One year later, so much has changed except all the love for him.

"He wanted you to stay in school," Grace Pike said. "He wanted you to be in every activity that you could be. You would see him on the soccer fields every Sunday. Every weekend."

In the crowd, there were dozens of children who Wallace has helped and impacted in Hughson over the years.

"He was just a fun loving guy," Brionna Serpa said. "He was always willing help. He would always take the time to help you if you didn't understand something."

Many of them considered Wallace an uncle, or Tio, as he's called.

"He loved his job," Mercedes said. "He loved what he did. It still hurts and it feels like it just happened but you know what just seeing this community and seeing what people are doing is great."

The message one year later wasn't about sadness but a celebration of life and a reminder that evil never wins.