Evelyn is a rambunctious two year old.

As the youngest of four kids, she gets most of mom and dad's attention.

Just 10 months ago she was seriously ill.

Evelyn was diagnosed with HUS, "Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome," a life-threatening complication of the kidneys. She was admitted for tests at the UC Davis Children's Hospital on Nov. 2, 2016, and ended up staying there for 19 days, under the care of the "Pediatric Nephrology Team.” In short, Evelyn had an e-coli infection that knocked her down at just 16 months of age.

The question is, where did she contract it?

"It was right around Halloween and we went to a petting zoo. A couple of days later she started getting sick and was extremely lethargic,” Rebekah, Evelyn's mom, said.

If there was an upside to a serious illness for Evelyn and her family, she was in the best hospital possible for treatment. With quick diagnosis and treatment, she did not need kidney dialysis.

What Evelyn had, can be fatal.

Little Evelyn has made a complete recovery, while being monitored. Her family is so grateful for the care they received at the UC Davis Children's Hospital, which is ranked in the top 50 children's hospitals nationally, and in the top five of many different pediatric categories.

So, her family wanted to give something back. Mom and the kids went back to the hospital in June with gifts for other ill kids. Their own birthday gifts that they thought those hospitalized might like. They also added to the donations by buying additional toys. Even though their baby girl was hospitalized for 19 days, somehow this was looked at as an amazing experience.

"The nurses and staff treated not only Evelyn, but us, totally,” Rebekah said. “They made sure Evelyn got up and around with her wagon in the hallways. It was a very incredible experience."

At home in Rocklin, life has returned to normal. Evelyn's bloodwork is good and she's back rocking some playtime with her three siblings. It's almost like nothing happened.

Except for perspective gained.

"I think it showed me you can go through really hard things and you’ll get through it all. It's not the end of the world," Rebekah said.