Some say it feels like we live in a park and with just under 3 million trees across Sacramento, there's a reason it has been called the 'City of Trees'.

For years the Freeport water tower had the slogan plastered on the side and recently Visit Sacramento decided to replace the iconic slogan with 'America's farm-to-fork capital'.

Some people weren't happy about it and there's now a petition to bring back the 'city of trees' slogan.

Kelan Johnson started the online petition and wrote in the description that the water tower is not a "Billboard Advertisement to funnel tourist in to spend their money at our local restaurants," Johnson wrote. "City Of Trees isn't a brand, it's who we are."

Sacramento Tree Foundation executive director Ray Tretheway is proud of Johnson for creating the petition. He said there is room on the water tower for both slogans and wishes the city gave the people the chance to vote on the change.

As of Wednesday evening the petition had 2,300 signatures and Johnson plans to take it to Tretheway and City Hall.

"You can change city hall if you have the trees and people behind you," said Tretheway.

The petition had a section for comments and Tretheway took time to read through all of them. He said many were heartfelt and others were upset.

Although Tretheway does not know Johnson, he is thankful and hopes Sacramento's original identity isn't lost. He said even if the water tower is not changed, Sacramento will stay the city of trees.

"We all know in our hearts, when we walk on the streets, take a bicycle ride, drive, you can't help but think," said Thretheway. "We live in a park! Look at this canopy its everywhere, we really are the city of trees."

ABC10 contacted the Mayor's office to see how many signatures are needed for the petition to be accepted and have not heard back at this point in time.