A Placer County Sheriff's deputy gave an ABC10 news crew a tour of "haunted" Dyer Lane on Halloween night Tuesday.

There's a stretch of road in Placer County that people say is haunted to the point the sheriff's office put something out on Facebook.

There have been numerous urban legends of Dyer Lane from a haunted police car to a satanic cult.

However, the concern for them is what could be going on illegally.

"On the other side though it's bad for them sometimes because we do get a lot of crime that's out there. A lot of stolen vehicles get taken and they strip them out there and they leave their cars there," Sgt. Mckenzie said.

He took us through Dyer Lane and pointed out the writings on the ground and on the trees.

We met with Paul Dale Roberts, a paranormal investigator.

"There's a lot of urban legends," Roberts said. "Some of them have said there was a satanic cult here. Some of the other ones said there was a witches coven."

At our first try, we heard a muffled sentence what sounded like "get off the road."

However, we didn't hear much when we tried a few times after. Roberts said it was because too many people are around.