Three women were arrested after being suspected of operating a prostitution business from their apartment, said the Roseville Police Department.

Last week, police received calls about activity occurring at an apartment on the 700 block of Gibson Drive. A number of men were seen visiting the apartment and were knocking on neighbors apartments by mistake.

On Sep. 14, detectives from the Crime Suppression Unit went undercover arresting three women who were residents of the apartment. The suspects have been identified as Wisa Khutchon, 39, Junjira Muangnart, 52 and Bunyaporn Kumpo, 40.

Khutchon was arrested on suspicion of prostitution and keeping a house of ill-fame, Muangnart was arrested on suspicion of pimping and pandering, and Kumpo was arrested on suspicion of keeping a house of ill-fame.

Police say this is an ongoing investigation and are not releasing photos at this time.