After being woken up by police, a man drove his car into two police vehicles. 

According to a press release from the Placerville Police Department, John Retzlaff was arrested for evading the police and damaging their vehicles. He's been charged with felony vandalism and resisting arrest. 

On Tuesday evening, Retzlaff was asleep in a vehicle in the parking lot of Regan Cinema in Placerville when police decided to check on him. The suspect did not appreciate being woken up, "angrily banged on the window towards the officers."

He then started the vehicle, accelerated in reverse and "without hesitation," Retzlaff accelerated forward and rammed a police vehicle. Retzlaff attempted to evade, but the force of the impact caused his vehicle to be immobilized enough for officers arrest him.

When Retzlaff hit the police car, the force pushed that car into a second police vehicle. Placerville police chief Dan Drummond said they are fortunate their officers were not injured.

"This incident has a negative effect on our already aging fleet," Drummond said. "Two vehicles have sustained several thousand dollars worth of damage.”