After fleeing in a vehicle, hopping residential fences and wielding a gun on a roof, the man who had a felony warrant was arrested in Suisun City, according to Fairfield police.

The incident started at approximately 4:30 p.m. when two Fairfield police officers tried to do a traffic stop on a car that pulled onto Olive Road off of Tabor Ave.

That's when Antoine Gordon, a 44 year-old Solano County resident, decided to flee the scene instead of pulling over, taking the officers on a short chase.

Gordon eventually stopped south to the dead-end of Olive Rd., adjacent to the Suisun City, and fled on foot.

He began hopping fences into a Suisun City residential neighborhood and at one point was in a garage of a home, according to police. Several Fairfield police, Suisun officers and Solano sheriff's deputies were in the area and located the suspect hiding on a roof in the 600 block of Canvasback Ln.

Gordon shouted from the roof that he wanted officers to kill him, but the police talked him down and he eventually surrendered. Gordon was uninjured and police arrested him for his felony warrant, felony engaging in a reckless pursuit, misdemeanor resisting, obstructing and also delaying an officer in the pursuit of duties.

Unfortunately before that happened, when officers tried entering the backyard of that home, a stray pitbull who the homeowner allows in the backyard, attacked Police K-9 "Cort".

A Fairfield Officer shot the stray dog to stop the attack of Cort and the pitbull died.