Andy Warhol promised us all 15 minutes of fame; his has lasted more than five decades.

The Pop Art show at Kennedy Gallery in Midtown features two signed works by one of the movement’s fathers – arguably the most commonly known, Andy Warhol.

Pop Art, which features mundane, kitsch or celebrity culture subjects interpreted through a variety of media, such as silk screen, oil, ceramics and collage.

Pop Art was more than just a school of visually representative art, and Warhol explored various media including filmmaking, ‘happenings’ (a sixties thing – look it up) and other forms of conceptual art. Warhol’s public persona was a seamless part of his artistic output.

Warhol is credited with saying, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." Although it is possible he did not coin the phrase, undoubtedly we know it because of him, and we know of him, largely, because of his brilliance in marketing his brand.

Warhol’s work has been so firmly planted in American culture that it’s likely many are familiar with his silk-screened images of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor and the like without knowing who created them.

Gallery owner Michael Misha Kennedy said he felt the time was right for the exhibit.

“The response from the artists here locally was just overwhelming,” he said. “We got a lot of submissions; it was really hard to select the pieces.”

The two pieces, a poster and a lithograph, are on loan to the gallery.