Recently, Preserving Sacramento helped save the Heilbron House that was almost going to be relocated or demolished to make way for a state office.

However, there are many other buildings in jeopardy of being torn down.

Sean Decourcy stated the Heilbron House was one of several homes of a similar architecture in that area before other buildings replaced it over the decades. An example is Capitol Towers.

He said the issue we face now with some of these older buildings is that they will either be demolished or have become so deteriorated they will have to be torn down.

"There has always been a threat regardless of the economic climate," said Sean Decourcy, Preservation Sacramento. "I would say now we do face some increased threats."

There are several neighborhoods and buildings on the organization's radar.

One of them is on Yale Street next to Broadway. The organization is worried with all the construction and businesses and the impact it will have on homes.

Preservation Sacramento helped save a home in midtown. It's on 22nd and H and known as the Hart House.

It almost got demolished because of it's deteriorating condition.

Another building on the organization's endangered list is the old Marshall hotel next to the Golden 1 Center. It's more than 100 years old but there are plans to use the property for a new Hyatt. Only two of the walls will stay because officials say it wasn't maintained well.