Big news guys! Prince Harry finally proposed to American actress Meghan Markle!

Meghan beamed in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace as she showed off the ring that her man designer for her, but Ariane Datil was NOT impressed. Were you? She hit the streets to find out.

“I love it! It’s a little bit smaller than I would have expected, but it’s beautiful,” said Emily Igancio.

“Wow that’s amazing! It’s big!” said friends Sophie Potvin and Beth Boddy.

Determined to find a more suitable ring for Meghan, Ariane drove to Sharif jewelers in East Sacramento to see what she could find.

When I walked in, not only was I surrounded by cases of beautiful rings, but I was finally with people who agreed that Harry needed to do better.

“It’s not that big, that you would expect from a prince,” said Ali Sharif, marketing manager.

But again, Ariane wanted to see something similar in person so Ali and his cousin Omar brought out a three-stone ring strikingly similar to Meghan’s for her to inspect.

“Oh yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Why didn’t she get this one?”

A five-carat round brilliant center stone, with 1.5 carat side stones. A total beauty! But how does that compare to Meghan’s?

“In my opinion, I looked at the pictures and I think, as far as size, I definitely thinks it’s like a two to three carat. It looks like a round brilliant center. What do you think?” said Ali.

“I think it might be a cushion based off the pictures (and we don’t have much to work with) it does have more of a curved corner which kind of leans itself to being a cushion cut, said Omar, manager of the Folsom store.

The jury is still out on the official size, clarity and shape of Meghan’s ring, so in the meantime Omar and Ali showed Ariane what’s trending in the world of engagement rings.

“What’s really popular right now are fancy cut stones. Emerald cut, ovals, cushion. Just because it’s different and everyone wants to be unique,” said Omar.

At Sharif’s you can design a ring just like Harry did from Meghan. From selecting the stone, to choosing the setting and then rendering your design in 3D, you can seriously create your wildest dream.