A California lawmaker is recommending the Pacific Gas & Electric company to make changes the way it charges customer after complaints of some winter bills increasing.

The California Public Utilities Commission heard public comment on the matter at a meeting at the University of California Davis on Thursday.

PG&E customer Penny Manzo came from Rocklin to voice her concerns.

“From December to January, where it was almost a double increase in our bill,” Manzo said.

The mother of two said the increase really surprised her and had a big effect on her family’s budget.

Complaints like Manzo’s got the attention of State Senator Jerry Hill – His office looked into those complaints and compared energy rates, usage, and weather data.

In a report released by Hill’s office Wednesday, the Senator offered recommendations for the company and the regulatory board as it moves forward.

Rates were increased in August of 2016 and again in January. PG&E charges customers that use more energy at a higher rate – For example Hill’s report found that the abnormally cold Winter coupled with the tier structure of billing lead to exacerbated costs to consumers.

A PG&E spokesperson said the company offers tools to help customers be more efficient with energy.