The California Department of Water Resources is stressing that water conservation is still important through a new exhibit at the state fair.

"Water Conservation: Rain or Shine" features step-by-step instructions on how to remove a home lawn and replace it with low-water using landscape. Lawn watering can account for 50 percent or more of home water usage, according to a DWR press release.

DWR Spokeswoman Niki Woodard said the exhibit aims to highlight how residents can put in beautiful landscapes that also save water.

The exhibit also provides information on how to access up to $2,000 in rebates for lawn replacement, demonstrates gardens of water-wise plants, features 50 water wise plants, and activities for both children and adults.

Despite a record wet season that brought the state out of its five year drought, underground aquifers still need to be refilled. The changing climate will also effect the state’s water supply in the future.

“The best way to cut water consumption is by replacing a home’s green lawn with a low-water-use landscape,” the DWR press release said.

The five year drought proved that Californian’s could save more water than ever thought, but it’s still important for Californian’s to keep it up in wet years to get through the dry ones.