You can call it new age antiquing or a themed rummage sale, but the owner of a Rancho Cordova business calls it the Back to the 80's and More Store.

Chris Knecht is a third-generation collector, continuing a family tradition of selling the past.

"My grandfather had an antique store and my dad also sold collectable. I am carrying on." Knecht said. He sells a wide variety of 80's and 90's memorabilia in his 800-square foot shop. Teddy Ruxpin, Cabbage Patch dolls and transformer action figures are some of his hot sellers.

The store opened about a year ago, but Knecht wasn't always in the antique business. He spent some time in the military and bounced around the service industry. Some of the items in his store are birthday presents.

"My dad and grandfather sometimes bought 2 of the same presents but, I never saw the second one," Knecht said. When his grandfather passed away he inherited some of his collection. That's when he decided to start a business and Knecht is in no short supply of inventory.

"I have a warehouse full. When my grandfather passed, it was boxed up. Shipped to my dad. He took some and sent the rest to me." Knecht said.

There is so much merchandise, Knecht hasn't even seen it all. He opens a few boxes every week and sells the contents. Customers often request items and when he finds them he calls them up and sells them. Like father like son. Chris is keeping the antique business alive. The only thing that has changed... is the era of the memorabilia he sells.