She thought she smelled a rat...and she wasn't wrong. 

There's a couple videos floating around Facebook of substitute teacher Veronica Luther at John F. Kennedy High School capturing what looks to be a rat in her classroom.

In the text of the post, she says on Monday, April 17, she spotted rats in her classroom, running over the student's desks and chairs and climbing up the wall. 

"I told them I wouldn't be comfortable coming back for the second day of the assignment if they couldn't get rid of the rat and sanitize the classroom, and they said I shouldn't come back tomorrow," Luther's post reads. 

Luther said the Sacramento City Unified School District [SCUSD] canceled day two of her contract after she asked them to clean.

"I was in no way demanding, as the district might try to say," Luther said. "I have never been asked not to return to any other assignment, especially not due to my behavior."

Maria Lopez, interim chief communications officer with SCUSD, told ABC10 the rat was reported during a second period class on Monday. Students were then removed from the classroom so it could be cleaned and sterilized. Students returned to the classroom Tuesday.

Lopez said they have at least one or two similar incidents each month.

"They have increased with all our rain," Lopez said. "The process is the same in each, remove the students, and then sterilize the classroom."

School districts remove rats and vermin differently than homeowners, Lopez noted, because of safety concerns. 

"They also don't want dead rats laying around, or dying inside walls," Lopez said. "They have set permanent traps at Kennedy High."

Lopez said Luther wanted a guarantee she wouldn't see another rat at the school, "and that is something they cannot guarantee."

Lopez added that Luther is working as a substitute at another school in the district.