California is known to be pretty eco-friendly, so it might surprise you to learn this: Across California, recycling of beverage containers has taken a dip.

For the first time since 2008, recycling of things like cans and bottles has slipped just below 80 percent, according to Cal Recycle.

The reason is in part, they said, because a number of local recycle centers have closed throughout the state – including several in the Sacramento area.

“There’s been about a 50 percent reduction in the number of convenient centers state wide,” Doug Kobold, Sacramento County’s waste management program manager, told ABC10.

The reason for the shuttering of this businesses? The value of scrap materials, like recyclable bottles, has gone down.

“Scrap value for plastics and aluminum cans and other types of material for beverage containers has gone down in value,” Kobold said, “And the convenience centers that take in your bottles and cans are having a difficult time making ends meet because that’s the primary source of their money.”

Notably, China plays a role in this, too.

China – where much of our recyclables go— has started to clamp down on what kinds of materials we can send over. That, in turn, has impacted the price of materials in the U.S.

“If [the U.S.] can’t unload the materials there, if they can’t ship it over to the Asian market,” Kobold said, “There isn’t a huge market here and so your supply out does your demand and so the market prices fall.”

For a list of local recycle centers visit Cal Recycle here.