A century old redwood tree is getting new life after it was struck by lightning.

The thunder bolt blew the tree trunk apart back in April making it unstable and dangerous. The owners of the tree were sad to see it cut down, but instead of planting a new tree the Jackson family decided to turn it into art.

“It was probably the tallest tree in the neighborhood. Everyone knows the tree so we hired a chain saw artist.” said Dian Jackson.

The 140-foot redwood was reduced to a 10 foot stump that offered up a large canvas for chainsaw artist Glen Sievert to work with.

“The wood is completely dry where the lightning bolt hit. The rest of the wood is wet. I have never seen anything like it.” said Sievert.

The lightning bolt divided the 100-year-old tree into two large canvases. Glen felt it was only fitting to fill the space with pair California Grizzly bears.

"This is one bear crawling and another standing and a lightning bold going down the center." said Sievert.

It takes an artist’s eye and a lumber jacks arm to turn a natural disaster into sculpture. It took just a split second to destroy this California redwood but after thee days of hard work, the stump was turned into a shocking piece of art.

“It will live on for the whole community to enjoy.” said Seivert.

You can see some of Seiverts other chainsaw art pieces on his website. He has carved stumps all over the state. Some you may recognize.