Funky the chicken is now living the fabulous life after he was rescued in Rancho Cordova.


"When animal control found him he had no feathers on his back," Darcy Smith, Funky's ranch mom said. "He was probably plucked by another chicken or a bunch of chickens." 


Funky now has a Facebook page to document his life. He posts twice a day, mostly of adventures around the farm.


"We took him to wine country," Smith said. "He's two months old so he couldn't taste, but he had a good time having a picnic and everybody loved him."


Not only does he get to go on adventures, he has a pretty amazing wardrobe.


"When we got Funky he didn't have a lot of feathers on his back, and we were worried about him at night in the cold," Smith said. "I ordered on Etsy a few sweaters for him to wear at night."


Funky even has some pearls to wear. Smith said he loves wearing necklaces and glasses. On an average day, Funky usually spends time out at the barn to hang out with the horses.


"I've never rescued a chicken before usually it's cats or dogs or a horse but basically everything needs a second chance at life," Smith said.