Residents packed a recreation hall Wednesday night to grieve together following Tuesday's shootings in Tehama County.

Cell reception is scarce in the area of Tehama County where the shootings happened Tuesday morning. Residents say that's why they're so close with one another. If they need to talk to someone, they go to their house or meet them at the post office during lunch.

Many of them found out about the vigil at the recreation hall a few hours before while picking up mail.

Sherry Burns is the volunteer fire chief and helped organize the vigil.

"We're setting up coffees and cookies and some food for people," Burns said. "Everybody's emotions are different. We're setting up our medical in case somebody needs medical attention. We're first responders so we can be there for them."

"I think it's concerned everybody and created a lot of sadness, but at the same time, people pull together during a crisis," said Rod Green, a resident.

The impact of the shootings Tuesday morning spread throughout the community. Every person that walked through the door to the hall said they're there for their neighbor.

"We've been part of the community since we've moved here since 2001," said Lupe Green, resident. "People wonder how we communicate. Well, we gather at the post office cause they have to go get their mail at noon."

Nancy Toth was with her son at the vigil.

"I pray God uses this to bring our community closer together," Toth said.