On Wednesday, the Sacramento Police Department will hold a community meeting at the Hall of Honor to address concerns over a resurgence of robberies targeting Asians in south Sacramento neighborhoods.

Sacramento Police say this spike comes over the last eight weeks, where people are robbed on their way home or in front of their houses by multiple people. It usually happens when the person is leaving their car to go into their house.

According to Sacramento Police, the Meadowview neighborhood is seeing a 25 percent uptick in crime targeting Asians. The Fruitridge and Pocket areas have seen an eight percent uptick. Meanwhile, these numbers are going down in Oak Park.

Police say these crimes are mainly happening in residential areas that are poorly lit.

In August and September of 2016, these same neighborhoods saw these robberies spike. At that time, Sacramento Police say some of the home invasions were related to marijuana grows. However, this time that doesn't seem to be the case.

Police say they don't know why this spike in robberies is happening again, but they are continuing outreach to the community through meetings like the one on Wednesday. They are also dedicating resources to those areas being targeted.