Roseville Police recruits Wednesday explained their motivation to join the force despite the risks.

"I want to become a police officer, because we have a huge need in Roseville," said Destiny Serrano.

She knows it's not easy to become a police officer and once hired, she knows of the dangers. She said her motivation is the people in the police department and her daughter.

"I have a 5-year-old daughter," Serrano said. "I do have to think about that but it motivates me more because it shows me we need more officers out there to protect the community. It's always going to be in the back of my mind of course everyday if I do get the position. You leave and you risk knowing you may not come back home to them but ultimately that's what I'm doing it for.

"I do it because I want her to be safe. Ultimately if you want to be in this line of duty, you're trying to protect the community," Serrano added.

Nicholas Pointer is also working out with them since he's interested in being a Roseville police officer.

"My whole entire family is military and my grandfather was the first black police chief in Albany, Georgia. My dad worked for the Sacramento youth authority while I was growing up," Pointer said. "When I was younger I was on the negative side of law enforcement, kind of looked at them in a negative perspective but growing older and maturing a little bit and knowing a few of the fine officers, I've been able to see both sides to the story."