Roseville Police and police departments throughout California are seeing an increase in car thefts.

"Some of these cars have very easy access points," said Rob Baquera, Roseville Police Department public information officer. "They don't have the security technology that exists via a chip or an alarm."

Most of the cars targeted in Roseville and throughout California are older models of Hondas, Acuras, and Toyotas dating back to 1987.

"They'll use a screwdriver or some simple technology to jump in and steal the car and then they'll drive it home or drive it somewhere else and steal another car," Baquera said.

Police say most of the crimes are happening in areas where there are a lot of people, like shopping centers. Roseville Police said one of those areas are the Fountains at Roseville. In one of the mall’s parking lots, we found 20 cars in the top five category for stolen cars in the city.

Some people said they aren't too worried about their cars getting stolen since they are newer and have a good alarm.

Roseville Police are working to curb the crime and last week it gave away wheel locks to residents. It is hoping to expand the program.

Aside from using wheel locks and alarms, police say use common sense and don't leave your car unlocked or with the keys inside.