Three people have been arrested in connection with the discovery of more than 1,100 marijuana plants inside a pair of homes in Roseville.

The arrests were made Tuesday after a search warrant was issued to two homes along Kinsella Way, Roseville police said.

The investigation began back in early August following information regarding suspicious activity at the homes.

Investigators sent to the houses found windows were covered and few signs of “normal residential activity,” according to police.

The search led investigators to discover the pot plants, with an estimated street value of $1.17 million, according to police.

Inside, investigators also noted it appeared as though the homes were being used almost exclusively to grow the pot, with sleeping quarters for the people tending the plants.

It was later determined the marijuana was being grown to be shipped to New York for illegal sales, investigators said.

Three people were arrested during the investigation, Jinfu Gao, 65, Wen Guang, 51, and Xiugin Zhou, 61, all of whom were from Roseville, according to police.

From left to right: Wen Guang Yang, 51, Xiuquin Zhou, 65, and Jinfu Gao, 65, all of Roseville, were arrested in connection with the cultivation of more than 1,100 marijuana plants found in two homes in a Roseville neighborhood, police said.

The three suspects have been charged with suspicion of maintaining a place for drug use, cultivation of marijuana and conspiracy.