Five minors have been arrested in connection with alleged racially charged vandalism discovered inside two schools in Roseville.

Around 1 a.m. Sunday, police arrived at Buljan Middle School, where they discovered racist and gang-related graffiti inside a snack kiosk, police said. Stolen items were also reported.

Police believe the minors later moved to Vencil Brown Elementary School where similar damages were allegedly later found by police as well.

Along with the alleged discovery of a firearm in one of their possession, the minors – all young men between the ages of 14 and 16 – face charges including vandalism and committing hate crimes, according to Roseville police officials.

Lt. Doug Blake and Buljan Middle School custodian Kevin Schumacher showed ABC10's Anne Di Grazia the damage in the gym, locker rooms and outside.

"They discharged a fire extinguisher and sprayed it all over the gym," Schumacher said.

In the locker room, there was graffiti everywhere, money stolen from an office and a door broken. All the vandalism around the school was nothing new but the graffiti was disturbing.

"The n-word, spelling out," Schumacher pointed at the wall where the graffiti was in the coach's office.

Outside was worse with symbols and words all over the walls.

"It said white power with a swastika," Lt. Blake said.

They also tagged Norteno gang markings, which is a Latino gang.

"I don't know why they had to do that," Schumacher said, "but I guess that's what we deal with nowadays.”

"Not only is this type of graffiti rare in Roseville but both of those things together, you have a pretty stand out crime," Lt. Blake said.

The five high school aged suspects are being charged with hate crime, vandalism and conspiracy.

"I don't think someone that would do something like this would even calculate how much it would hurt somebody or put someone in fear, and that's why it is such a serious crime," Lt. Blake added.

Police are working with the Roseville City School District. District officials tell police they are working to remove the graffiti and will not be closing the schools at this time.