Residents in one Roseville neighborhood say issues haven’t been resolved with a new local business.

In September, we told you about the opening of the Roseville Top Golf, a sports and entertainment complex – an error with GPS brought customers to the nearby Summerhill neighborhood.

The GPS issue has since been resolved, said Roseville City Public Information Officer, Brian Jacobson.

However, some residents still say there are issues with loud noise at night, dust from the parking lot and head lights shining at the residential neighborhood.

Matt Armenta has lived in the Summerhill neighborhood for 10 years.

“They have done some work to help minimize these issues,” Armenta said.

Armenta would like to see a wall built between the neighborhood that blocks light and sound. He would also like to see a portion of dirt road on the property be paved.

City leaders are now working to arrange a meeting between TopGolf management and neighborhood residents.

“We’re going to bring the neighbors and TopGolf together and try to get this problem solved so TopGolf can be successful and the neighbors can be happy there,” Jacobson said.

This comes after Top Golf management backed out of a meeting with residents.

TopGolf Roseville’s Director of Operations, Bryan Van Der Meer, said over the phone he agreed to meet with one resident but more showed up.

Van Der Meer declined to comment on the subject because he said he didn’t have enough information about the concerns from the neighborhood.