When Roseville Police Officer Richard Rahn served an arrest warrant this week, he found much more than just the suspect.

"We discovered items that were believed to be related to ID theft, mail theft, and vehicle theft," said Officer Rahn.

The stolen property belonged to at least ten different victims. One of those victims was a man from Arizona who was working in the Citrus Heights area helping with hurricane relief for Puerto Rico victims.

Over the weekend, his briefcase was stolen from the trunk of his car. He hadn't had an opportunity to report it yet.

The briefcase was a treasured gift of 30 years. Inside were important documents, including his parents' marriage certificate, which he was using to help his parents get into assisted living.

Officer Rahn said he also had his passport, social security cards and driver's license in his briefcase.

"It basically contains his life," said Officer Rahn.

The Roseville Police department posted about this incident on Facebook. Many people commented, applauding the department. Some applauded Officer Rahn and shared their experiences.

One post reads:

"Officer Rahn went above and beyond for me a few years ago when someone broke into my car in broad daylight at 2999 Douglas Blvd office building. He staked out the parking lot and caught the guys, one was a minor and I got restitution for my broken window and stolen radar detector from perps parents."

Officer Rahn said he doesn't remember the specific incident, but it's an example of what any good officer would do.

"We try to be relentless and really solve crimes," said Officer Rahn. "We wanna make sure people feel safe and protected and prevent theft and other type of crime that might come from people being [out] during the holidays."