Roseville Police are getting attention for being able to keep an area next to Sunrise Avenue bridge clean from homeless camps and trash for several weeks.

"I think in the past what law enforcement tried to do was quote run people out of town or make it so inhospitable that they would go somewhere else and really what you're doing is just pushing the problem," Maccoun said.

Maccoun says many of the homeless camp near creeks and parks because people can be hidden.

Many cities do regular cleanups however Roseville has been able to keep some areas clean from repeat offenders.

"If people misbehave in our park system we're also able to give them an exclusion order after multiple times," Maccoun said. "They have a right to a hearing and they can be banned from some of these areas as well."

Maccoun said some people can be banned for up to a year from the city's creeks, parks, and libraries as part of the city's code.

However working collaboratively with other departments on resources has helped get people off the streets permanently.

"The thing is, you don't combat homelessness you manage it," Maccoun said. "It's a chronic condition. You're not gonna arrest away the problem so what we've come up with is a blended model where we train our officers and have staff that's trained in social services so we offer alternatives and case management as well as addressing illegal and unsafe behavior."