A nonprofit organization in Roseville is helping single moms fulfill their kids’ Christmas wish list.

Single Mom Strong was founded by Tara Taylor because she felt there weren’t enough resources to help women who are single parents. The organization holds different life skills workshops once a month, and also plans outings with other single moms.

According to Taylor, 35% of Sacramento County’s children and 23% of Placer County’s children are being raised by single mothers.

Taylor raised her daughter on her own, and when she went away for college, she decided to do something that would make an impact in the lives of others. Taylor launched Single Mom Strong last year to give single moms the motivation and resources they need to raise their kids on their own.

“When your housing expenses and your childcare take most of your income and you're by yourself—something like Christmas is a really difficult challenge," Taylor explains.

A struggle she knows firsthand – which is why she now works hard to provide others with the support she didn't have when her daughter was younger.

"I'm a big Christmas lover. I love the season of giving and it was important to me to make that easier for some families."

With donations from local businesses and volunteers, nine families will receive toys, a holiday meal, car repairs, and warm winter clothes.

"I took my daughter on the very first delivery, and we went and delivered to another mom and daughter, and it was really coming full circle for me. It's really eye-opening to see how much you can make a difference with just everybody pitching in a little bit."

For more information about Single Mom Strong, click here.