Several hundred people came out to Rocklin for the Route 91 Strong Benefit Concert Friday evening.

Tennille Greenfield is helping organize the concert as a survivor.

"It became clear after Jason Aldean left the stage and lights went out that this was not good," Greenfield said. "We were just down there near our seats in the fetal position holding each other tight, just watching and waiting and praying."

For survivors, the concert was about healing through helping.

Some even showed up with new tattoos to remember those killed in the Las Vegas shootings.

"It's very emotional," said Loretta Abeyta, a survivor. "Very hard. I know I'm having a hard time. It's my first time out to do something fun. It's our first time out together since Vegas."

Ben Carey with Elvis Monroe was grazed by a bullet in the shootings. He was one of the bands performing for the benefit concert.

"I know for me it's a daily process and so part of that is being here help heal," Carey said. "It was horrific. People went down around us. I yelled and got my best friend's hand and took off."

Carey said the Route 91 Strong foundation is so they never forget.

"We don't want people to forget and it to be brushed under the rug and moving forward we can help the families of those who are less fortunate than us that didn't make it out or got injures and expenses," Carey said. "Every dollar that's raised tonight will go to someone who needs it, and we're really proud of that and to be part of it."

Some of the other people didn't have a story of survival but they still wanted to help.