Sacramento is known for many different things, but if you're planning on raising a child or visiting a kid-friendly city then the Capitol City could be a viable option.

In a May report published by data analysis company RewardExpert, Sacramento was rated the No. 12 city while also being the third highest California city on the list.

RewardExpert compiled these rankings from 53 of the largest cities defined through the U.S. Census definition of a metropolitan area and was evaluated from 16 key metrics across three separate categories -- Kid-friendly recreation, city profile, and affordability.

Though Sacramento was the 12th overall city, the Farm-to-Fork capitol made top 10 in kid-friendly recreation, which included variables like playgrounds, kid-friendly restaurants, sports teams, nature parks, zoos and more.

The Golden State saw itself receive even more praise with San Diego (No. 1) and San Francisco (No. 2) gracing the top of the rankings. San Diego blew the field away boasting a score of 96.2 out of 100 and San Francisco was the closest at 78.1.

Rounding out the top five included another west coast city in Portland, Oregon (No. 3), the southern hot-bed that is Atlanta, Georgia (No. 4) and the nation's capitol Washington D.C. (No. 5).