Sacramento-based animal rescue group RedRover is onsite in Dallas to help the Texas SPCA house and care for the pets of families fleeing the destruction meted out by Hurricane Harvey.

Volunteers stand ready to take in about 100 dogs and 100 cats if need be, said director of emergency services Beth Gammie.

But for the moment, it’s the calm before the storm.

As of Thursday, the human shelter was sparsely occupied, with only five pets requiring housing, Gammie said.

“They’re ready for 5,000 people,” she said, adding that “hundreds and hundreds” of pets are expected to accompany their displaced humans.

Although the rain has stopped and floodwaters are receding, conditions in Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Rockport and other Gulf Coast communities are still precarious, with basic services such as electricity and water impaired and officials scrambling to get repairs made. Many people are housed in Southeast Texas shelters, and others are making plans to leave the region until water and power are back.

“We’re trying to get things ready in case we get the call so it’s not a scramble at the last minute,” Gammie said.

RedRover, a national organization that assists pets and their humans in various ways, celebrates 30 years of operation this year. The group has helped out after other major hurricanes, including Katrina and Sandy, as well as other natural disasters such as the Wall Fire and Oroville Dam scare earlier this year.