Take a drive around downtown Sacramento, you'll find it's impossible to go a few blocks without seeing some of Daniel Osterhoff's work.

Osterhoff, also known as Dan-O, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, after suffering a cardiac arrest earlier in the week. He was only 37-years-old.

In his honor, his family and friends are planning a tour of town to show his 3-year-old daughter Harlow his artwork. 

"When Tower Records closed down, Russ Solomon opened R5, the building was blank. A friend of ours hit us up to paint a mural to attract attention to it. A lot of people didn't think it was open," explained Shaun Burner, a friend of Osterhoff's. "We came out and worked on it. Dan painted all these letter styles here. It's an all spray paint piece." 

Burner had been friends with Dan-O for more than 20 years. They often collaborated in art and were more like brothers. 

From Bottles and Barlow to Low Brau to Dad's Sandwiches, part of Dan-O's heart and soul is spread all over Sacramento on at least three dozen buildings. Other spots where you can find his artwork include B-Side Bar, Amaro Bistro & Bar, and American Market & Deli.

Aside from his art, many knew Dan-O as a DJ. But more importantly, he was a loving father. Harlow celebrated her 3rd birthday the same night he went into cardiac arrest. 

"It can literally happen to anyone," said Mary Buchmiller, his sister. "His heart was overworking. He just didn't know." 

While his family and friends are heartbroken from the loss, their focus is on the little girl most affected.

Harlow's full name is Harlow Ellyse Larsen Osterhoff, spelling out Helo. So, friends are calling this the 'Hello Again' tour. The plan is to take her to all the buildings his artwork is on so she can see the legacy he leaves behind. 

"Everytime she walks through the city or we walk through the city, he's around us," said Mary. 

GoFundMe page set up for Dan-O's medical bills will now go towards his daughter, Harlow.