The Sacramento City Unified School District hosted a forum at Hiram Johnson High School Wednesday for parents, staff and community members to discuss the idea for a central kitchen.

With a central kitchen, the district could order fresh fruits, vegetables and other food items that they would prepare at a central location and ship out regularly to its 80 schools.

Acting Director of Nutrition Services Diana Flores says the kitchen will give the district more say over the menu, insure food quality and could provide more nutritional meals to its students daily.

68 percent of the district’s more than 45,000 students are enrolled in free and reduced meal program.

While city high schools prepare meals, some 60 elementary schools typically prepare processed or frozen foods. Some fresh fruits and salads are served in the district already, but school leaders are aiming to do even more.

“We really want to have a central kitchen where we’re not reliant on manufacturers to deliver to us,” Flores said. “We’re relying on raw goods and preparing those things ourselves.”

The project will be funded through a multimillion dollar school improvement measure “R” approved by voters in 2012.

The current transportation center and school bus depot next to their 50,000 square foot storage warehouse is being considered as a site to build it.

However, they’re still in the planning phase and it’s not expected to be completed for several years.