Have you noticed more musical artists coming through Sacramento?

If so, you're probably not imagining it.

The ticket site Eventbrite listed Sac-town as number one on its list of five unexpected cities experiencing a live music renaissance. The other cities include Pittsburgh, Memphis, St. Louis and Oakland.

Bret Bair, co-founder of music venue Ace of Spades, said the burgeoning music scene is due to the recent opening of more music venues that attract more artists.

"There basically have been some venues built in past five or six years that I think have led the renaissance honestly," Bair explained.

The main venues he referred to were Ace of Spades, which was bought by Live Nation last year, and the Golden1 Center, which has already attracted big names like Kendrick Lamar, Tool, and Lady Gaga. Acts like JAY-Z, Foo Fighters, and Katy Perry are scheduled to headline the Golden 1 Center in the coming months.

Bair is also opening a smaller live music venue — Holy Driver, in Midtown this fall — and hopes to help grow the Memorial Auditorium.

"I think the most important thing is if you build the venues, they will come," Bair said.

Not everyone agrees with Eventbrite's assessment thouigh.

"I don't know about that," Madison Hughes, 19, who was attending a concert at Ace of Spaces Wednesday night, said. "Like, when I go on websites to buy tickets and things its typically only in San Francisco and Los Angeles is only where I see bands."

Others, like Kayleigh Sibio, 24, say they've noticed a difference.

"I've been going to a lot more shows in this past year than I ever have," Sibio said.

Bair also pointed out that Sacramento hasn't always been playing catch-up when it comes to music.

"There was a moment in the early 90's when Cake, a band called Deftones...all local club bands that would play at Press Club, Cattle Club, and it was just a really magical time to have these acts that became international super stars," Bair recalled.

The difference now, he explained, is that current music scene is less about developing new artists as it is about attracting them to Sacramento.