It’s safe to say we all have a favorite video game to play these days. Smart phones have made playing video games easy, but creating a video game that is still a very difficult task.

First you need an original story with new characters and animation. Then you have to create original music that is scored to each level and scene. To make everything function as planned, you also need good computer coding.

Recently, a Sacramento video game startup was able to tie all these steps together and release their first creation, “End of the Mine.”

“You wake up, everybody’s gone and you have to investigate," Joseph Bussey, the game's creator, explains, "and everybody’s trapped in the mine and you have to battle your way through.”

Having spent six years battling for our country, Bussey was ready to try something new.

“I got out, and I really wanted to try something that I was passionate about," Bussey said. "And I love art, and I like video games, so I tried my hand at making a video game company.”

For the past year, Bussey and his team of engineers and artists have been working on "End of the Mine," a PC-platform shooter game, and it's finally available to download.

“To see it kind of come to this magnitude for us as a startup company, it’s kind of amazing to me," Bussey said.

Video game testers have been hard at work evaluating "End of the Mine," and it seems they like what they see.

For Bussey and his team, they hope "End of the Mine" is just the beginning.

“Our end goal is just to create jobs in this local area," Bussey said. "We’re not money driven people, we’re just passionate about what we do, and that’s the focus of what we got going on here.”