City of Sacramento water customers may be noticing a slight change in the smell and flavor of their treated water.

Don’t be alarmed, the water is still safe to drink, said the Director of Sacramento’s Utilities Bill Busath.

The slight change in flavor is due to an algae like material in streams that feed the main water source, the Sacramento and American rivers, to about 470,000 city water customers.

Cyanobacteria are a group of algae like microorganisms that naturally occur in fresh water sources. Busath says each summer the sunlight, heat, and nutrients allow these bacteria to thrive.

By the time the water is pulled into the drinking water sanitation plant, treated, and to your home it is safe to drink.

However, a non-toxic compound called Geosmin and methlyisobernoel are left over leaving drinking water with a musty-earthy odor and taste. Those compounds are also found in dirt and mushrooms.

To dial down the flavor you can try chilling your tap water or adding a bit of lemon juice.