On Tuesday, Sacramento City Council discussed three major measures regarding marijuana businesses in the city.

Three of the measures were passed unanimously. One, regarding a moratorium being lifted, was voted 8-1, with Councilmember Angelique Ashby of District 1 voicing some concerns.

In 2016, the council had passed, and later extended, a moratorium on cannabis cultivation. The new measure voted on Tuesday night would lift that moratorium in April so people could start applying for permits to start marijuana businesses.

The other measures detailed who would be required to pass background checks and how people could get business permits.

Under the new measure, everyone - including all staff members - would have to pass a criminal history background check. The only people exempt would be any owner with less than 10 percent interest in the business.

A two-year permit term was also changed to a one-year to be more cost efficient for those applying for marijuana businesses.

More than 900 people told Sacramento that they would be interested in starting marijuana businesses. At Tuesday's meeting, dozens showed out to hear how things would turn out.

Jonathan San Augustine was one of the people who came for more information because he was interested in getting into the business.

"I'm very excited for the moratorium to be lifted," San Augustine said. "It's good to see people getting educated."

San Augustine said he was interested in various aspects of the industry, including technology associated with marijuana businesses.

Some of the people at the meeting were already in the industry. Richard Millar, a director with Americans for Safe Access, wanted to see that steps were being taken.

"I came up here to commend City Council and the new Mayor," Miller said. "They're moving this forward."