Sacramento LGBT Community Center Executive Director David Heitstuman shared his thoughts on Kevin Spacey's tweet and response over sexual assault allegations.

"This is really the case of coming out of the closet can be really a difficult time for anyone," Heitstuman said. "That cannot be used as a shield against allegations of sexual assault. Your sexual orientation and sexual assault are not one in the same."

Heitstuman said coming out is hard for a lot of people and not for other people. It depends on the person.

"As a gay man, I came out and no matter how supporting and loving your family and friends are going to be there's always a certain amount of fear of what's going to happen and how people will treat you," Heitstuman said. "The story is really about the bravery of Anthony (Rapp) coming forward to speak out and to talk about the experience against someone who was in a position of power."

A lot of actors are tweeting in response to Spacey's tweet.

Heitstuman said we have to ignore the excuses. This is a big issue of allegations of sexual assault.