After unexpectedly falling ill last week, Bodie, the former Sacramento Police K9, has passed away.

In a Facebook post, the Sacramento Police Canine Association said Bodie was unable to walk or stand last Friday and was immediately taken to a vet when a bacterial infection was found. While under doctor's care, a tumor was found on the left side of his face, along with white blood cell and platelet count complications.

The eight-year-old Bodie was born in Bergen, Germany as Ibo an der Langen Furt. In 2010, he arrived in the United States courtesy of Kreative Kennels in Turlock and started training to become a police dog. He was quickly certified for police work with his partner, Officer Randy Van Dusen.

On May 18th 2012, K9 Bodie was shot in the face by a car theft suspect during a foot chase in the Land Park area. The bullet shattered Bodie's lower left jaw, severed his tongue nearly 60 percent of the way off and exited his right cheek before coming to rest in his right paw and shattering his two middle toes. Bodie was immediately rushed to VCA Veterinary Referral Center and one week later he walked out the front door of the vet and into his patrol car to start his recovery at home with his family.

After hours of physical therapy and five major surgeries to repair damage to his jaw, paw, and later his spinal column, Bodie retired from the force.

Bodie followed his patrol days as an ambassador of the department. He also became the father of multiple puppies, some of which have followed in his paws to become police dogs, as well.

Bodie died peacefully, surrounded by family and friends. Bodie had his favorite Kong toy by his side.