A Sacramento ready-made meal service wants to be the alternative to fast food.

Oak Park in Sacramento is considered a food desert, a place that has little access to fresh produce.

A ready-made meal service called Fresher Sacramento is trying to transform it.

"Over the years, I thought we needed to make it easier to make the healthier choice. If we had healthier ready-made meals, people could jumpstart healthier eating without having to overturn their whole kitchen or try to figure out how to get extra hours in a day," said Rabbi David Azen, Fresher Sacramento.

Azen said to compete against fast food, they offer a $5 price point per meal which he claims is filling.

"We don't know until we succeed," Azen said. "We don't know, that's why we're doing grassroots organizing. That's why it's from the ground up."

Azen is also hiring people in targeted neighborhoods to represent Fresher Sacramento.

"I know as an outsider with a good idea it won't work. So if I can come in with an idea that becomes the youth's own idea -- and that's the whole goal, is that they own this," Azen said.

Fresher Sacramento accepts EBT cards as payment.