The Sacramento region is showing support for 13-year-old Talon Bonanno who has neuroblastoma.

According to the American Cancer Society, it's the most common cancer in infants and accounts for about 6 percent of all cancers in children.

"It started back in October and he said he's hurting really bad," said Christine Bonanno, Talon's mother. "Friday morning he woke up. His face was swollen. His entire head and his eyes were almost swollen shut."

His parents thought it was growing pains but after they took him to the hospital they found out Talon has neuroblastoma. Doctors say he'll have to go through chemotherapy and surgeries for the next year.

"I'm a little scared, because we don't know what's gonna happen but we know it's gonna be OK," Talon said.

"We have several children being treated by neuroblastoma right now, but most of them are infants and younger children," said Kent Jolly, pediatric oncologist at Kaiser Permanente. "Talon is unusually old to have this condition."

People throughout the community have started raising money for the family. In a day, they've raised more than $17,000.

"It just melts out heart," said Bonanno. "We don't expect it. We really love our community. We're really involved in it. We always give, but they're giving back to us."