The massacre at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub one year ago impacted people all over the world, including Sacramento.

Pulse was considered a safe space where all were welcome, kind of like Faces here in Sacramento. Now Pulse is remembered with tragedy and has changed the club scene as we know it. Face's owner Myron Sidie sat down with ABC10's Anne Di Grazia to talk about those murdered.

"You know, I have fought in the gay community for the last 55 years. It's aggravating, it makes me sad that people want to hate others so much," Sidie said.

The nightclub owner is a pillar in the LGBTQ community in Sacramento. Sidie has owned Faces since 1985 in the heart of Lavender Height's, an area known for the rainbow crosswalks, flags and inclusiveness. But on Monday, the anniversary of the Pulse massacre, Lavender Heights felt somber as victims names hung in windows for all to see.

Sidie said he has always been vigilant but since the incident he has upped security and hopes his biggest fear never happens here.

A block over from Faces at the LGBT Community Center, executive director David Heitstuman said Americans are continuing to propagate hate. He and other community leaders visited Orlando right after the tragedy.

He said it was a wake up call and feels like there needs to be a call to action.

"Our partners in all communities, not just in the LGBTQ community, not just in the LatinX community, need to come together against these acts of hate," he said.

Monday night a vigil will be held behind Badlands in the Lavender Heights district at 8 p.m.