The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office is need of volunteers.

They issued the call for help on twitter.

Volunteers will assist with writing crime reports, community events, crime prevention, fingerprinting, neighborhood watch, and vacation checks.

"The ideal candidate is anybody over the age of 18 who has a clean criminal background," volunteer services coordinator Kristin Smith said. "Someone who is motivated, professional and wants to give back to their community."

Smith says the department has eight service centers, but only three are open full time, five days a week. The sheriff wants that to change that and open new centers. You would need to take a background check and also go through some training.

"We can take volunteers starting right now," Smith said. "And we can get them trained if they wanted to help out in other areas and wait for that particular service center to open...but we have need in all of our service centers."

If you'd like to become a volunteer, email, for more information or to request an application.