Sacramento is one of several cities vying to be picked as the location for Amazon's second headquarters.

In a statement, Sacramento Mayor Steinberg laid out his pitch.

"Our city and region are putting real energy into intentionally building and growing an innovative and well connected ecosystem unlike anywhere else in the country," he said. "We are about people, and we are pulling together our best and brightest from across the region to work together on a competitive plan for Amazon and are confident in the unique assets and abilities our region has to offer.”

Amazon announced Thursday their search for a second North American headquarters, saying they will give preference to areas with more than 1 million people.

Sacramento city council-member Angelique Ashby told ABC10 a possible location for the headquarters would be the abandoned Sleep Train Arena in Natomas.

"The sleep train arena is a very good, solid site based on what Amazon is looking for and what Sacramento is prepared to do," Ashby, who represents the Natomas area, said. "It's 188 acres ready to go, right in the heart of a transit line in the middle of a big city. One freeway airport from an airport and two freeway exits from the capitol, so you cant beat that."

Sacramento, however, will have to put up a good fight.

Several cities across the county have also expressed interest, including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Cincinnati, Nashville, and even Toronto and Vancouver, British Columbia.

In Amazon's announcement statement, the company said their "HQ2" will have up to 50,000 employees and cost roughly $5 billion to build and operate.

This summer, Amazon announced the opening of a 1,000-employee distribution center in Sacramento.