There's been a barrage of backlash to President Trump's response to the incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia. But Trump voters are standing by him and say criticism against the president is unfounded.

ABC10 reporter Liz Kreutz spoke with local Trump voters at a shopping center in Rio Linda. Here's what some of what they had to say.

"I think he’s voiced his dislike for a lot of those groups and a lot of the problems of the past," Synthia Berumen said when asked about Trump's response to hate groups, "And I don’t think everybody knows it, so they assume he’s never spoken on it."

Berumen added that "the Internet is full of videos" of Trump condemning David Duke and the KKK.

James Elkins said he thinks Trump's statement against the hate groups could have come sooner, but that he supports what he said.

"I think he did it right because I don’t think it was like either one side," Elkins said, referring to Trumps remark blaming "both sides."

"I believe it was both of their fault myself," he added.

Asked if Trump is helping to empower alt-right groups, Ernest Delcastillo replied, "I don’t believe he has...he's trying to stop this whole situation so he wouldn’t give I don’t think he’s empowered either side."

Ron Craig, a Vietnam veteran, explained that he believes Trump gave an "honest response" and that his detractors and the media are too critical.

"I'm really sick of people ready to jump on Donald Trump when he doesn’t dot an 'i,'" Craig vented. "They’re not looking for what he’s doing. They’re looking for some way to condemn it and I wish the country would come together and work together."